The web of Life in a Changing World


Web Of Life
The aim of this conference was to bring together experts on ecological networks to synthesize existing approaches of ecological complexity in the context of global changes.
While numerous studies have addressed the effect of global change on biological systems (physiology, species dynamics, evolution), too few have included species responses in a network context. In natural systems, species are embedded in complex network of interdependency, where they depend on each other. It is thus at this scale we need to ask how global change might affect species:how will perturbations spread through the web of life?
Understanding the consequences of global changes thus requires a better knowledge of species interactions and how they mediate the functioning and stability of ecological communities and ecosystems.
This will require a synthesis of concepts and methods developed in mechanistic and phenomenological network ecology, from local to large spatial and temporal scales. As large datasets (phylogeny, spatial species distributions, species traits, etc) are becoming available, we now have a unique opportunity to combine these different types of information and address the fundamental and applied challenges of understanding how the web of life will respond to a changing world.


Nicolas Mouquet,Sonia Kefi, François Massol and Fadela Tamoune


9h00    Nicolas Mouquet & Sonia Kéfi: The web of life in a changing world: Introduction.
9h15     Daniel Stouffer: General patterns in food-web structure and their consequences
9h40    Ulrich BroseDynamics and stability of complex food webs
10h05  Michel Loreau: Beyond food webs: ecological complexity and the webs of life
——–10h30 Coffee break
10h50  Dominique Gravel, Michel Loreau, François Massol & Nicolas Mouquet: Toward a spatial theory of interaction networks
11h15  Nicolas LoeuilleEco evolutionary dynamics of ecological networks: implications for community structure and stability
11h40  Timothé Poisot: Evolving the web of life
12h05  Miguel VerdúPhylogenetic signatures of plant facilitation networks
——–12h30 Lunch Break
14h30  Colin Fontaine & Elisa Thébault: Phylogenetic signature of mutualistic and antagonistic networks
14h55  Carlos MeliánEco-evolutionary dynamics in individual-based networks
15h20  Elsa CanardSpatial patterns of beta diversity in neutral food webs
——–15h45 Coffee break
16h15  Jose MontoyaEmerging ecological networks and ecosystem functioning from climate change
16h40  David MouillotPredicted fish diversity erosion from coral habitat loss: trophic level matters!
17h05  Eric BerlowCorrelation decay in food webs
17h30  Miguel AraújoUsing species co-occurrence networks to assess the impacts of climate change
——–17h55 Conclusion