New blood!

10 April 2019|

New EEC team mates in 2019: Giacomo Zilio has started a postdoc financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Louise Noergaard has travelled the Seven Seas from Australia for a short-term collaborative project to

Bottom-up and top-down control of dispersal across major organismal groups

6 November 2018|

In a recent paper published in Nature Ecology and Evolution two EEC members, Oliver Kaltz and Emanuel Fronhofer, investigate how dispersal, a central life-history trait, is influenced by the food web context, specifically, bottom-up and

Parasite competitive exclusion

25 May 2018|

In a project lead by Alison Duncan, we have published an article in OIKOS, looking at population-level outcomes of competition between three parasites of Paramecium caudatum. Duncan, A., Dusi, E., Schrallhammer, M., Berendonk, T., &

Interested in a PhD?

28 April 2018|

EEC is looking for PhD candidates. Emanuel and Oliver have advertised PhD projects at the GAIA doctoral school (Université de Montpellier). Project descriptions are here (Emanuel) and here (Oliver). Contact us if you are interested!

A new lab member!

28 April 2018|

Lilia Galvez has joined EEC for a three-month master project, together with Emanuel and Oliver. Using a protist model system, Lilia will explore eco-evolutionary dynamics during community range expansions.

Symbiont life history and host range

28 April 2018|

In a Russian-German-Italien collaboration lead by Martina Schrallhammer, we have published an article in FEMS Microbiology, investigating  phylogenetic position, life-history characteristics and host range of a bacterial symbiont of Paramecium. Alexey Potekhin, Michael Schweikert, Irina