4 February 2021|

We are really pleased that Flore Zélé has started her position as a CNRS researcher in our team. Welcome Flore!

New papers

12 January 2021|

We have 2 papers in press to start the year. The first is a project led by Giacomo Zilio and Louise Nøgaard showing a trade-off between virulence and dispersal at invasion fronts in Holospora undulata

More new blood

5 January 2021|

We are really excited that Flore Zélé, a new permanent researcher, will be joining our team in February 2021. She will be using laboratory and field experiments to investigate the interplay between reproductive interference and

New blood!

10 April 2019|

New EEC team mates in 2019: Giacomo Zilio has started a postdoc financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Louise Noergaard has travelled the Seven Seas from Australia for a short-term collaborative project to

Bottom-up and top-down control of dispersal across major organismal groups

6 November 2018|

In a recent paper published in Nature Ecology and Evolution two EEC members, Oliver Kaltz and Emanuel Fronhofer, investigate how dispersal, a central life-history trait, is influenced by the food web context, specifically, bottom-up and

Parasite competitive exclusion

25 May 2018|

In a project lead by Alison Duncan, we have published an article in OIKOS, looking at population-level outcomes of competition between three parasites of Paramecium caudatum. Duncan, A., Dusi, E., Schrallhammer, M., Berendonk, T., &