George Livingston

George Livingston – PhD

PhD withNicolas Mouquet& Matthew Leibold

glivingston (at)
I am a community and ecosystem ecologist striving to generate feedback between theory and its illustration, testing, exploration and application. I believe these feedbacks make ecology a richly diverse science because each subfield advances only with guidance and support from all others.
My basic interests center on spatial community and ecosystem dynamics in landscapes (meta-systems) and particularly how the flow of biodiversity across space generates emergent properties and ecosystem functions. I approach these interests experimentally using microbial microcosms.
I am also interested in the application of ecological theory to socio-environmental problems. I approach this interest by 1) a conceptual synthesis and refinement of “resilience thinking” and 2) by direct application of theory. I focus on the crisis of neotropical land-use change and the associated loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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