Tragedy of the Tragedy of the Commons

5 March 2015|

Michael Hochberg and James Brown have just published an essay on what would appear to be the irreversibility of the tragedy of the commons for humanity. Hochberg M.E. & Brown J.H. 2015. Tragedy of The

Fundamental Ecology is Fundamental

4 December 2014|

Michael Hochberg and collaborators have published an article in Trends in Ecology and Evolution on the importance of basic science. This paper stems from a symposium sponsored by the Société Française d'Ecologie at INTECOL in

Combined phage – antibiotic therapies

27 September 2014|

Clara Torres-Barceló and EEC colleagues have published an article in PLoS ONE, investigating the impact of combined phage-antibiotic treatments on the nosocomial pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Torres-Barceló C., Arias-Sanchez F., Vasse M., Ramsayer J., Kaltz O.

Phages and the Red Queen

1 August 2014|

Alex Betts and EEC colleagues have published an article in PNAS, investigating patterns of coevolution of the pathogenic bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa with various phages. See also here, and here. Betts, A., O. Kaltz, and M.

Russian colleagues revisiting EEC

1 August 2014|

EEC is currently hosting again Alexey Potekhin and Irina Nekrasova, for a collaboration with Oliver Kaltz. Alexey and Irina are professors at the Dept. of Microbiology at St Petersburg State University. During their stay, they will

Vertically transmitted symbiont reduces host fitness along temperature gradient

13 March 2014|

Oliver Kaltz contributed to a paper by Eike Dusi and colleagues, investigating the impact of an exclusively vertically transmitted parasite on temperature reaction norms of the freshwater protozoan Paramecium tetraurelia. Dusi, E., S. Krenek, M. Schrallhammer,