Sonia Kéfi and colleagues published an article in Journal of Applied Ecology discussing how integrating two lines of research in ecology – biodiversity–ecosystem function (BDEF) and ecological resilience (ER) – may foster a deeper understanding of human-impacted ecosystems.
Tomimatsu, H., T. Sasaki, H. Kurokawa, J.R. Bridle, C. Fontaine, J. Kitano, D.B. Stouffer, M. Vellend, T.M. Bezemer, T. Fukami, E.A. Hadly, M.G.A. van der Heijden, M. Kawata, S. Kéfi, N.J.B. Kraft, K.S. McCann, P.J. Mumby, T. Nakashizuka, O.L. Petchey, T.N. Romanuk, K.N. Suding, G. Takimoto, J. Urabe, S. Yachi. 2013. Sustaining ecosystem functions in a changing world: a call for an integrated approach. Journal of Applied Ecology 50:1124–1130.